Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is Hagel Jumping In?

It looks like he is getting close:
Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel has not announced whether he will run for president in 2008. But his decision to tell two labor groups that he wants to participate in their upcoming presidential "cattle calls" might be showing his hand, according to the firefighter and construction groups which are slated to hear from the Nebraska senator in Washington, D.C. over the next three weeks.

"It was made absolutely clear to him that he was coming to speak at a forum where all the major presidential candidates were invited to speak," said Jeff Zack, a spokesman for the International Association of Fire Fighters, regarding Hagel's decision to speak to the firefighters in Washington, D.C. on March 14.
I've mentioned before, this could be a problem for the top three Dems. Hagel has one of the most extreme conservative voting records in Congress but comes across as a moderate. The GOP would be foolish to ignore him because he disagrees with the administrations current war strategy. After all, that would mean that the GOP supports: lack of body armor for the soldiers, extended and extra tours for the soldiers, no clear political strategy or even exit strategy.

Hagel is the one Republican I fear in this race. However, he is one of the few Republicans that doesn't come across as purely ambitious or as someone who would sink as low as the other top GOPers already have. Yeah, I'm scared of him, but I'd like a good fight over the issues. I think we'll get that most with Hagel.


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