Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why Is Hillary The Only Ambitious Candidate?

OK, anyone running for president is ambitious. That goes for Edwards, Obama, Richardson and even my candidate of choice, Wes Clark. There is nothing wrong with a little ambition. I think all the Dem contenders, even the lower tier believe they can change the course our country is headed in. But at the same time, you have to be really naive to think that any one of them lacks ambition.

I've been astounded of late by the Clinton bashing from the left. Whether it's the not so subtle inuendo from the Obama campaign, or bloggers constantly talking about, say, Hillary being one of the "most single-mindedly ambitious politicians". I'll grant that she has some ambition, but is she really single-mindedly ambitious compared to the others? (I won't even discuss the GOP since McCain's been running for president all of my adult life...)

Hillary Clinton has spent nearly all of her adult life fighting for child welfare and women's rights, amongst other things. She did so taking a back seat to her husband--who she got involved with before he was a heavy hitter in politics. I suppose it's possible that someone would hedge their bet that a young law student would eventually become president and help propel her to the presidency some thirty years later. Possible, but unlikely. And pretty stupid, if you ask me.

During Bill Clinton's rise Hillary stood aside. For someone with as much ambition as she is credited with, that seems more than a little odd. She never wavered in her commitment to children and women. Many of the things she did have never really been heavily publicized. If she were so ambitious, why would she have continued to do so much for so little recognition?

To me, the evidence isn't all that great that Hillary is one of the "most single-mindedly ambitious politicians". Does she have ambition? Sure. But what about Senators who decide to run for president in their first term with no other federal experience. To me, that seems more ambitious than someone who's dedicated an entire life to helping the most vulnerable citizens: children. I think it's unfortunate and unfair that Hillary Clinton gets all the scorn while others who, in my opinion, seem to be much more politically motivated than her get off completely. I don't understand this double standard and am shamed by Democrats who continue to push right-wing talking points about Hillary Clinton.


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