Saturday, February 10, 2007

The "Republic" Party

C&L points to a video of Rep. Anthony Weiner repeatedly calling the GOP the "Republic" Party:

I'm a fan of satire and irony, so this was definitely amusing. It also makes me question Obama's understanding of the political reality we face. The GOP has spent a lot of time criticizing Pelosi for something that was forced on her by security personnel. The GOP has spent years slandering the Democratic Party by calling them the "Democrat" Party. And he wants to end cynicism amongst current leaders.

Public sentiment is already on the side of the Dems. But the current GOP leadership is doing what they did to Clinton: Thwarting popular efforts for the sake of political gain, not because of ideological disagreement (e.g. the anti-surge resolution filibustered by its author). I like Obama's angle, but we need a leader who won't let a few bad apples (the GOP congress) thwart efforts that most people support. When its primarily one-sided cynicism--after all, all Dems, more or less believe that Government can do good--it makes no sense to let the other side completely roll over us. Happy rhetoric is no substitute for leadership in difficult times.

I know I come off as anti-Obama, but I'm ready to get things back on track. I want to make sure that the Dem I vote for in the primary knows how to make their case and pushes for something they believe in. The "Republic" Party is fighting for the future of their party, and just like in the 90s, they are not going to play nice. Obama doesn't seemed to have learned much from recent history. The only thing Dems get when they unilaterally put down their guns is the Iraq war, reckless deficits, and a turning back of the clock on social progress. I'm ready to move forward, but as the Dixie Chicks would say, I'm not ready to make nice. Not until the other side is as well.


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