Monday, February 05, 2007

Playing the Game

No more football posts. The game I'm talking is politics. Josh Marshall discusses the GOP trickery here. Definitely worth the read and contemplation.

I've had numberous conversations about what Dems could or should do. What many people seem to ignore is the utter cynicism of the current Republican Party. Why else would Warner (R-Va) write and sponsor a bill only to filibuster it? That tells you a thing or two about the GOP. The other thing that is commonly ignored is the willingness of the President to bypass Congress with secret programs and signing statements that allow him to follow laws however he feels like.

There's a lot of talk about Dems needing to do this or that, but it really isn't that easy. In the Senate we're still evenly divided and we have a president who likes to stretch the rules. Dems have to force the GOPs hands and rushing for everything at once, like Feingold seems to want, probably won't work. We couldn't even get a non binding resolution that had bipartisan support and over 50 votes passed. Reid and Durbin are going to have to play the game a little rougher in the future. I'm convinced they are capable so I hope they start playing hardball soon.


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