Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Barack Obama's Name Problem

No, I'm not talking about the absurdity of his middle name being a factor or certain rhyming of his last name--after all, if Bush and the GOP already forgot about that person.

The problem I see with Obama's name is that his first and last name initials are "B" and "O". Or, together, "BO". I've seen many bloggers use initials to refer to candidates and I have a hard time imaginining people being able to say, "I support BO!" I find the exclamation point to be the real killer. I mean, who can really be that excited about "BO".

OK, I'll admit that's silly. But it's no worse than the other stupid references to his name being a problem. Can I get a guest appearance on CNN or Fox to push this argument? Other people have spent a lot of time pushing other stupid name games. Why can't I?

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