Monday, December 18, 2006

Fight The Power

Is there anything energy companies are good for?

This is a bit personal to me. My parents live outside of Seattle and have been out of power for a few days now and word on the street is they may be out for several more days. My last remaining grandparent--my maternal grandmother--lives with my parents and is not in the best of health these days. The temperature in my parent's house is in the 40s.

Fortunately, one of my sisters lives close enough and has power. But what about those who do not have this luxury. There have already been reports of several deaths and a hundred cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. I've been listening to a radio show based out of Seattle and have been hearing horror story after horror story. Yet no outrage from prominent politicians--and very little coverage of the problems there.

Once again, nature has exposed our vulnerabilities and unpreparedness. We're in the 21st century and a windstorm shuts down a large chunk of a highly populated area and the lovely power companies can't get their stuff together. Meanwhile, my parents are hovering around a battery operated radio trying to figure out when they are going to get power. If this is all it takes to shut down a city, we're in trouble. The mayor and governor--whom I've defended and lauded--have some explaining to do.


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