Monday, November 06, 2006

Final Plug for Angelides

Is the guy as photogenic as Westly or Schwarzenegger? Definitely not. Is he more competent and better versed on specifics relating to the issues? Definitely. He's been a phenomenal state treasurer when most state treasurers don't really do anything. He has instituted nationally recognized programs in investment and smart growth and started a program that gives teachers the opportunity to get good loans for houses near their school. It shocks me that one of the most competent candidate for governor--including those seeking reelection--is not running away with this one like Spitzer. Few treasurers have done as much as Angelides. His ideas for the future far surpass anything that Schwarzenegger has proposed. A vote for Angelides is a vote for a California that takes the lead in smart, responsible government. A vote for Angelides is a vote for a sane economic policy that doesn't pass the buck to future generations (i.e. you and me) by using loans (e.g. bonds) to pay for things while leaving taxes untouched and all but ensuring dangerous structural deficits. Angelides will take off the cosmetics and get to work on the real problems as very, very few in the country are capable of.

Examining Schwarzenegger's "governance", you see that he's been able to "balance" the budget by passing the buck onto future governors through bond measures. We had them in 2004 and again in 2006. This is the same "governance" as Bush. Unfortunately, the fellatial media coverage by an enamored, salivating press corps doesn't even mention this fact. And when it comes to "bipartisanship", it was tough guy Schwarzenegger who called hard working autoworks and steel workers "girlie men", not to mention many California Democrats. It was this same governor who the press orgasms over in mentioning his bipartisanship that called Democratic critics "stooges" and tried to completely buck the legislature in an expensive and needless special election. A vote for Schwarzenegger or Camejo is a vote against the real future of California and a free-pass to the media for failing to cover the issues in an intelligent way.

You may have noticed that I've used a very sexual context here. I'll have to be forgiven, I just finished watching this clip:


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