Saturday, October 07, 2006

Libertarian Love

I have way too much work to do but thought I'd pass along some soundbites from a lovely conversation I recently had with a libertarian. Tax collection was morally equated with the holocaust. (I was dumbfounded beyond belief at that one.) Children who are born to deadbeat parents should be left to suffer. Democrats are socialists on par with the Soviet Union. Democrats are "leftists" like Castro and Hugo Chavez. Democrats are horrible theifs. A system that enriches the top ONLY is good in and of itself because no one is any worse off (assuming the increased disparity itself doesn't make the lower any worse off). "Property transfer" (gifts, transfer of estates) should never be taxed while income (a form of property transfer, DUH!) should always be. Taxes for education is a moral abomination. The only reason why this person would't shoot and kill a policeman who pulled them over for speeding is because they fear their own death at the hands of vengeful cops. (I told this person I couldn't respond to that because I don't normally think of killing other people.)

Back to work.


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