Sunday, October 22, 2006

Karl Rove the Non Boogeyman

Some in the blogosphere are rightly rolling their eyes at the intimation by some in the media that Democrats need to be scared of what Rove has up his sleeve. Come on. Rove has nothing new. His campaigns are based on scaring people, dividing the country and trashing opponents. That's all this so-called boogeyman does. He's not a genius or some kind of political guru. He's the guy who throws dirt in the eyes of his opponents. For the last three cycles Dems have allowed that strategy to be effective by complaining instead of responding strongly.

Democratic consultants and politicians who are scared of Rove need to quit complaining about what Rove and the GOP do and adapt to their strategy (which they seem to be doing this time around). They need not sell their soul, just understand what the other side has (cynical politics) and doesn't have (a legislative record worth anything). Of course, I've said this before.


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