Monday, October 02, 2006


You go away for a weekend and come back to find out that a Congressman was putting the moves on some underage people. Wow. It seems like there is something new surfacing every other day that shows GOP incompetence, hypocrisy or malfeasance. Despite this, the polls show a close contest in November. We are going to need some serious GOTV efforts here and across the country.

As we begin to work on the hall captains program and other GOTV efforts, it's important to take a minute or two to think about some of the challenges and opportunities for future efforts. There are many challenges when trying to organize young people (we're always moving, doing ten things at the same time, etc.). What are ways that candidates and the Demcratic Party can do to help out our efforts? If you have any ideas to make organizing young people, small or grandiose, I'd like to hear about them. If all you can think of are problems, those would be helpful as well.

In the generation of TiVo, iTunes, and internet browsing, traditional campaigning has become obsolete. How can we harness the true power of technology to make our lives easier? I'll go out on a limb and say that some of our ideas may make it into a national campaign in the near future.


At October 02, 2006 5:48 PM, Anonymous Caitlin Smith said...

I think this subject is one the most interesting sites of political action. Technology really is changing campaigns as we speak, and will continue to do so,
Anyone who has phonebanked or canvassed by physically going into a campaign office and getting a list of names to contact will be amazed at how easy voter outreach is getting with online campaigns and volunteer centers.

The Angelides for CA Governor has a really great website:

You can get phone lists and call people right at your own desk, practically whenever you have a few extra minutes. There is also a tally reporting how many voters the top volunteers have reached keeping things competitive. This low-commitment, responsive technique helps people volunteer even in the smallest amounts. It's amazing.

Of course, then you don't get to meet cool fellow volunteers over cheap coffee in the early morning hours, but you do get to call a few voters in the time it takes for your new podcasts to download.


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