Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fantasy World

I find Matt Stoller nauseating in the same way I find David Sirota nauseating. Both seem to go overboard trying to pick fights with Democrats for reasons real or manufactured. Today, Stoller was on a roll, including this beautiful diatribe:
They know that Democratic Senators are moral lepers, weaklings, and that is the only reason we aren't further ahead when the Republicans screw everything up. The Democratic Senate leaders will sell us out at every opportunity, be it torture, Iraq, Alito, Lieberman, the Bankruptcy Bill, or stopping war with Iran. They aren't poll-driven, they aren't fear-driven, and they aren't driven by strategic differences. They are simply driven to beat us down, their voters, by any means necessary. That's why they cheered Joe.
I find Chris Bowers and Jerome Armstrong to be very informative and useful. Stoller seems to suffer from the same victim pathology of the right wingers like Ann Coulter who rant and rave because they want their place in the limelight or a bigger piece of the pie. Give it a break. You're an insider already! And Bill Clinton has been a loyal Democrat longer than you've been alive.


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