Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Beyond 2010

I contemplated writing an article for The Stanford Progressive on this topic, but I'm way too busy to be overly coherent and eloquent. I'll leave that to the fine staff over at the Progressive.

If you've been following the polls religiously (a good source is TPMs Election Central more and more "safe" GOP seats are becoming in play this year. If you've been reading much of what I blog about, you know I'm quite convinced that in the long run, the Democrats will be in power--it's only a matter of time. While it's good to focus strongly on the '06 and '08 elections to help usher in the Emerging Democratic Majority, it's also important to begin focusing on the agenda we hope to push forward.

I'll propose two things for now. The first is what so many people have been talking about: economic security. Everyone touts the job creation that happened under Clinton, but few mention the large number of jobs that were outsourced or became obsolete. Economic security means job security in the inevitably more global economy. If small and mobile companies are more prevalent, a national health care and pension system will be necessary to have the smaller companies use their money for innovation and investment. This is such a deep, complex and important topic that too many politicians gloss over because it's painful and won't win elections. But it's worth focusing on NOW, rather than when it becomes too late.

The other part of the agenda I see is global poverty. Our country and the world is becoming more and more intertwined. Whether people believe it or not, I also see us becoming a more humane society (hence the outrage over torture). Global poverty is a moral outrage that we should all be fighting (except perhaps our some of our libertarian friends).


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