Thursday, October 12, 2006


It looks like Kevin Drum agrees with what I hinted about a couple days ago: Democrats/progressives are incompatible with libertarians. If Democrats became the Party that put the individual (read wealthy individual) above the whole, I'm pretty sure that I'd bolt rather quickly.

In my former life I read quite a lot of political philosophy and was never convinced of the libertarian philosophy. Not even a little. I'll admit that some libertarian philosophers such as Nozick have strong arguments, but they all seemed insufficient and essentially incompatible with reality and democratic governance. Furthermore, many of the libertarians I've encountered take lines that I'm not sure even Nozick would endorse.

Either way, I think this is an important debate for progressives to have. Personally, I don't think my way of looking at the world is compatible with someon who thinks the estate tax is a greater moral problem than child poverty and starvation. I think people as an end are more important than markets as an end. But maybe someone else can convince me that Dems should court libertarians.


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