Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Angelides MIA

As you're no doubt aware, I strongly supported Phil Angelides in the Democratic primary. I wasn't alone. Most of California's leaders support Phil as well.

I supported Phil Angelides because he has a demonstrated record of innovation and effectiveness. I really believe he is the most competent and effective statewide leader in the country and would easily be one of the best governors. He's used his position as Treasurer to increase funding in state to promote emerging communties(without raising taxes). He also developed a program for smart growth that has been lauded nationally, he initiated a program to provide teachers with loans for houses near their schools and used his position to help get California to begin divesting from Sudan to end the genocide.

Despite his record, there seem to be many Democrats who are apathetic to Angelides' campaign. One thing that people fail to remember is that Schwarzenegger did not govern as a moderate. He bullied his opponents and called them names. He mocked nurses and teachers, tried to decrease pensions for police officers and in large part helped to elect George Bush. If California wants a forward thinking, effective and progressive governor they will vote for Phil. If California Democrats care about national health care and a better education system, then voting for Phil is the first step--as goes California, so goes the nation. Schwarzenegger has a proven record of opposing statewide health care and "stealing" money from schools. More Schwarzenegger means more of the same. He promised to be a moderate during the recall and proceeded to give the state the figurative finger. (Remember the '05 special election.)

OK, so Phil is great. But I have been much less than impressed by his campaign. Schwarzenegger knows Angelides will mop the floor with him in a debate. The big tough guy is running from any real debates. Yet Angelides is not hounding him enough about this. Nor is Angelides reminding voters about Schwarzenegger's about face after the recall or about the special election and his support of anti-choice ballot initiatives. One thing that particularly excited me about Phis was that he stood up for the firefighters, policemen, teachers and nurses when few other statewide leaders did. I hope he starts up his aggressive campaigning again and is no longer MIA.


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