Sunday, September 24, 2006

Too Busy To Read About Threats To America

September 11, 2001 is supposed to have changed the mindset of Americans, at least according to the GOP. The boogeyman is out to get us, right. So, if you were Senate Majority Leader wouldn't you be damn sure to have read an April National Intelligence Estimate by now? Apparently, not if your Bill Frist. As Laura Rozen points out, it doesn't appear Cheney is too interested in reding intelligence reports either.

For the sake of argument I'll grant the Administration and it's supporters that the August 2001 PDB warning of al Queda attacks was not that informative and 9/11 wasn't expected. Well, if this Administration and it's supporters are so intent on claiming they are doing all they can to keep us safe, why the hell are they claiming not to have read important intelligence assessments?

This is beyond incompetence. This is negligence. All that macho talk about keeping America safe and these lazy, testosteronated chest-pounders can't even bother to read intelligence reports dealing with issues they want us to trust them on?


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