Monday, September 25, 2006

Only A Matter Of Time

I know I seem obsessed with the idea that Democrats will be the dominant majority in the long run. It seems that it may be sooner rather than later, as this example from Philly suburbs indicates:
The wealthy Philadelphia suburbs historically have been a Republican stronghold, but recent shifts in voter registration and voting patterns have moved the region toward the Democrats.

This summer, for the first time since the state began keeping registration records in 1934, slightly more than 49 percent of voters in the four-county region listed their affiliation as Republican.

In 1990, 63 percent of voters in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties were Republicans. Since then, Democratic registration has increased 7 percent to more than one-third of voters while the number of independent and minor party members doubled to 14 percent.
I'm not quite sure that Dems will win the Congressional seats in this area just yet, but the Senate seat is the most likely to change parties (though George Allen seems intent to change that). Casey currently leads Santorum by ten points and Santorum has rarely cracked 40% in polls over the last several months.


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