Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Deal, Part Deux?

Donkey Rising points to a John Judis article that should give Democrats hope for the future. I don't have a subscription to TNR anymore but here is a nugget directly from Donkey Rising (with my emphasis):
His report has a lot for Dems to be encouraged about, including:

...this year, Democrats could unseat as many as five House Republicans in Ohio and win a Senate seat and the governor's mansion. In Colorado, Democrats are very likely to win the governorship and both state legislatures, and to take as many as three House seats from the Republicans. And, in both states, it's not just a sudden and fleeting reaction to Bush, but the resumption of a movement among upscale suburban voters and working-class Reagan Democrats. America may not turn blue this year, but it looks as if it is definitely becoming purple.
Given the very promising short term prospects for the Dems, it really is time that Democrats get to work solidifying the long term support of the voters who are flat out rejecting the GOP governing philosophy. And long term support should be established with the under 30 crowd.


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