Friday, September 29, 2006

Local news!

To all those who missed it today, I want to share my excitement over how successfully out local tabling endeavor went at the activities fair today in White Plaza.

Our two mascot political piƱatas (of which now, there is only one) not to mention our giant Bush cutout, really brought some attention to our table. Needless to say, the sign-ups quickly followed. I would guestimate we had over 200 new people put there contact info down, lets see if that is mirrored in our meeting turnout on Monday. I am hopeful for a large turnout.

So now what.

Well, I sent my first dorm email today, telling people to register (everyone should have forms in their room), talk to me about politics, and to get involved in the dems. I find it makes a big difference to have personalized emails, rather than just the mass forwards. By and large living with people means you should have the courtesy of sending something you wrote yourself.

Learn up! After spending almost a year abroad, I have some homework to do - make sure I know what's going on in politics around the country. That way I can sound informed and excited about races. News, blogs, and campaign sights should now all be bookmarked on your browser.

Volunteer! Going to Monday meetings is fun and all, but I'm gonna do my best to block out a few Saturdays over the next 39 days to make sure I personally can participate in our canvassing events. Another thing, I want to sign up a lot of us to work as poll workers this election day, November 7th. I think this could be a great way for us to really get involved in the democratic process, and put our money where our mouth is - or at least our time. Find out more!

Those are just a few kick off ideas. Comment and add some more of your own!