Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Had Enough?

Allow me to be a GOP politician for a second: BOOOOOO! Nah, that didn't scare me either. Too bad, that seems to be all that the GOP can campaign on these days. Kind of sad, don't ya think?

What I am scared of is the GOP holding on to the legislative branch. Bush's tirades and childish behavior aimed at anyone who dares to disagree with him is frightening. Sure I want a strong leader, but I don't want a beligerent leader who alienates all our friends and further inflames those who aren't our friends. I don't want a leader beating his chest in front of his opponents, while doing nothing to really make this country safe. Since that's the type of leader we have, I'd like a Congress who will stand up for us, not a beligerent, angry president who pouts when he's not getting his way.

Bush once joked about someone who was a PhD while he was a "C" student but President. Perhaps those mediocre grades are why we get Ds from the 9/11 Commission. I don't find that funny. Not at all. Where is Congress to keep us safe?

I was going to mention other things this Administration and his Rubber Stamp Republicans(TM) are doing badly, but I think this ad from the Fort Bend Democrats to the talking for me:


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