Monday, September 18, 2006

Election Landslide?

Stuart Rothenberg discusses the anti-Republican political enviornment:
Looking toward November, there is no indication that the two major parties both are facing significant incumbent losses. I suppose Democrats could lose an incumbent or two if things go poorly for them, but right now there isn’t a single Democratic seat that ranks in the 25 most vulnerable House seats in the country.

Not one. Not a single one. The vulnerability is entirely on one side of the partisan aisle.
There is another piece of information here worth pondering.
This election isn’t really about agendas. Sure, Democrats have something called their “New Direction,” but most voters aren’t regarding November primarily as a choice between two visions or two ideologies. No, it’s about sending a message to the president and to Congress that they aren’t happy — specifically with the Iraq War, but more generally as well.
Democrats need to start defining themselves now to help usher in a long lasting electoral majority. A good way to start is with Barack Obama.


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