Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Comma Chameleon

I've been thinking about Bush's comma remark and about how history will have a lot of commas when describing his tenure as president:
Bush, George W. Forty-third president of the United States responsible for severely damaging the nation's longterm fiscal stability[comma] dangerously ignoring the threat of global warming[comma] politicizing every aspect of government[comma] incompetently botching response after a hurricane leading to a national disaster[comma] fighting to legalize torture[comma] fighting to curtail the constitution[comma] waging an unprovoked war[comma] waging said unprovoked war grossly incompetently despite warnings[comma] failing to change course in said uprovoked war[comma] stroking U.S. resentment[comma] spreading the flames of a global jihadist movement[comma] and taking a lot of vacation time[comma] finishing term the least popular of all presidents.
Anybody have any other commas that need to be added to the list?


At September 29, 2006 5:42 PM, Blogger Marie said...

destroying responsible sex education in our country [comma] attempting to limit a woman's right to choose through radical court appointments [comma] losing all post 9-11 sympathy [comma] while detroying our legitimacy internationally [comma] not fully supporting civil society and security in Afghanistan and its fledgling democracy [comma] (and don't forget) NOT catching Osama bin Laden. oops.
How's that?


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