Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Florida, Washington State and Mexico

More on this later, but there is one thing that separates the elections of Florida (in 2000), Washington State (2004), and Mexico (2006). In 2000, the Supreme Court and the Republican election officials prevented a complete recount of the ballots in Florida. Bush did not hesitate to force the issue, nor did he show much concern about counting ballots. In 2006, it looks like he is following the same tact. In what appears to be an extremely close vote--with many claims of voter fraud--Bush didn't seem to care about waiting for a recount, calling the current election leader before a recount.

For someone claiming to promote Democracy, I find it odd, not that he supports the right-wing candidate, but that he was in such a rush to crown the leader without concern for ensuring the ballots were properly counted. I won't accept an argument from him that this needs to be settled quickly. After all, he has stated repeatedly that it will take time to establish a Democracy in Iraq--it won't happen overnight. I'm not suggesting voter fraud, but why the hesitation to do a real recount?

That brings up Washington State. Regardless of the outcome in 2004, Washington did the right thing by counting all the votes. The right to vote is essential for a Democracy and any attempt to infringe or prevent the counting votes is undemocratic.

As I said, more on this when Democracy Now posts today's transcript.


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