Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boys With Toys

I hate being alarmist, but I'm genuinely scared by what appears to be the bloodlust of so many with influence over the Administration (documented here). These are the same people who talked about troops being greeted with flowers in Iraq rather than the IEDs that really greeted them.

What is perhaps most disturbing is the complete disregard of the horrors that war entails. Here's William Kristol:
Yes, there would be repercussions--and they would be healthy ones, showing a strong America that has rejected further appeasement.
I'm sure it's "healthy" when other people's lives are lost. Probably not as "healthy" when it's you or your loved ones. We shouldn't be so quick to unleash death, especially when it runs the rather large risk of spreading death dramatically. We also shouldn't be so quick to trust the judgement of those who have proven to be so dismally and embarassingly wrong.

I hope the escalation in violence turns out to be merely a jockeying for position that Laura Rozen describes. If so, I hope Bush ignores those who seem to hunger and thirst for death and destruction.


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