Monday, June 05, 2006

What I Want To Know

What I want to know is: When did the principle of fair taxation become left-wing?

What I want to know is: Why are candidates who are for fair taxation considered unelectable?

I've already talked about how the lowest income Californians pay more in taxes than the highest income. That's well known and even Warren Buffet decries this sorry state. Angelides is honest about his plan to fully fund and expand education by making the state tax system more fair and that is considered left-wing and unelectable.

The fact is, there was a federal tax cut that went predominately to the super rich--not just the wealthy, but the hyper wealthy (to use David Cay Johnston's term)--and Congress is trying to repeal the estate tax that only the heirs of 5 in 1000 will have to pay and put billions more in the pockets of the super wealthy. All this while we are at war, millions are without health care, more and more children are going into poverty, the cost of going to college is beyond the reach of more people and corporations are posting record profits. Despite all that, we can't be vocal about requesting fair taxation? Is that the state of our country and state?

The progressive cause has no hope if proposing fair taxation means a candidate is unelectable. The fact that even Democrats are scared of the "T" word means that the GOP has succeeded in pushing the dialogue so far to the right, it's about to fall off the scale--and this is California! Angelides is only calling for fair taxation. This is not left-wing, it's common decency. I'm voting for Angelides because he's the better candidate with more experience and is already a nationally recognized leader. But if Democrats are afraid to fight for their values, we have no chance. Angelides can beat Schwarzenegger. And he can do it without running away from, or downplaying, his principles of social justice.

Frankly, I'm sick of having leaders NOT talking about social justice and common decency. Angelides' refusal to stand down while Westly is attacking him for his positions (which Westly is going to have to do anyway, if elected) is refreshing. I think Angelides and Westly are on my team. But I only see Angelides wearing the uniform proudly. Angelides is the only one who is standing up to Grover Norquist's America. And I'm glad there is a leader who is willing to do that.


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