Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Explaining To Do

Repealing the Paris Hilton estate tax means that the children of the wealthiest people in the country get tax free inheritence while millions of Americans go without health care, millions of children live in poverty, college is less affordable and our education system gets overlooked. So I don't understand why Democratic Senators would vote for cloture on this bill. I can maybe understand the Nelsons voting for it since they are up for reelection--and that is a BIG maybe. But Blanche Lincoln? Max Baucus?

Gene Sperling has more. The latest Democracy Corps stategy memo sums it up:
Right now, Democrats are underperforming, but voters are listening and receptive to them, and ready to respond to an effective campaign.1

That any Democrat in the U.S. Senate is considering voting for the repeal of the “estate tax” – an over 700 billion dollar tax cut for the wealthiest one percent – helps explain why Democrats are underperforming. That leaves voters unsure about what Democrats stand for and undermines the main choice in this election.
I think Lincoln, Baucus and the two Nelsons have some 'splaining to do.


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