Friday, May 12, 2006

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Another form of that question is: What has Steve Pearce done for me lately? In case you didn't know, Steve Pearce is the current representative of the congressional district in which I grew up. Since their has been some development in tax "relief", I wanted to see exactly what Rep. Pearce is doing for me these days. (I know, I'm not a resident right now, but I think it's important.)

HR 4297 was just passed in the Senate. Reliable ol' Steve Pearce went along with his Republican colleagues and voted for the bill (Roll Call 135). I took a few minutes to see how this would impact New Mexico residents and myself.

In 2004, the median income for New Mexico was $37,587. As a graduate student I live within more modest means. The current tax cuts, according to a joint Brookings-Urban Institute analysis, means that average tax return most New Mexicans will receive is about $20. (To get this figure, I used the middle quintile since it was around the NM median income. Since I'm below this value, I probably get a whopping $15!) For comparison, those in the top 0.1%--with income over $5 million--will receive nearly $84,000. The Washington Post has a "nice" graphic.

Thanks, Steve Pearce. You're the tops! Even though you've done so much for me, you can count on a prompt donation of a couple "Hamilton's" to some Democratic organization or you're opponent, Al Kissling. I do hate to take the money you worked so hard to give me and give it to you're opponent.


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