Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Just In

OK, it's several days old, but I've been busy. The L.A. Times endorsed Phil Angelides. Why? In their own words,
[W]e want the Democrats to put forward the best they can offer, to select on June 6 the candidate most likely to give Californians a healthy debate and a clear choice in November.

That candidate is Phil Angelides. He may lack charisma, but he doesn't lack conviction, and he has been unwavering in his criticism of quick fixes and false budget promises. He has more experience in state office than Westly, whose "fix-it" approach to government is appealing at first but on closer inspection appears shallow.

Angelides may be dull, but he is not shallow. His commitment to healthcare reform, education, environmental protection and fiscal responsibility are real. We are wary of his quick jump to taxes but acknowledge some respect for his willingness to tell it as he sees it. We are not fans of his website's childish anti-Schwarzenegger cartoon. But we are confident Angelides is better than his website. He is the best Democratic candidate to challenge the governor and debate the future of California.
I think this is a decent assessment. Westly doesn't have the numbers to pay for everything he wants, except in the "free lunch" world. Speaking of which. I'm growing more disenchanted with Westly every time I hear his stupid Angelides wants to raise taxes ad (which is every time I turn on the radio or TV). Phil has the guts to admit it's needed while Westly just says what he thinks will help him win. Westly should be more interested in governing than wanting to be governor.

Furthermore, Westly's stupid ad hurts Democrats nationally and any hope for progressive change. He is following the GOP talking points and trying to portray Angelides and Democrats as "tax and spend liberals". Why else would he say he's "a different type of Democrat"?

Quit trying to undermine the Party, Steve. You can win the right way. Regurgitating GOP talking points is not leadership. I believe you are much better than that.


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