Thursday, May 04, 2006

Starving the Beast Slowly

The subheading of this article says it all: "Tough Choice on Deficit in Store for President, Congress in 2011". This is what the GOP is doing:

  • Spend heavily on popular programs (and not so popular programs).
  • Cut taxes, heavily skewed toward the hyper wealthy (those who make $10 million or more get about $500,000 cuts).
  • Institute corporate friendly tax cuts that don't end up "trickling down" (flat median income over several years).
  • Raise debt ceiling to "pay" for all the programs and account for decreased tax revenues.
  • Put a clause into the tax cut laws that have them expire in 2011 when most current lawmakers will no longer be in office.
  • Sit back and see how the Democrats try to fix their problems.
  • Give Grover Norquist erotic pleasure as the government comes crashing down.
I'm generally optimistic, but this is just plain irresponsible, cynical and dangerous. Don't "conservatives" realize that there is no way this country will sit back as popular programs are cut? This is Enron accounting and it's about damn time our Democratic leaders do something.


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