Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One More Thing

I know I've been highly critical of Westly here and have tried to convey the reasons why: His attack ads are incomplete and inaccurate. But I've also suggested that Westly is undermining the party with his stupid and irresponsible ads. But why?

There seems to be a continual propogation of the absurd notion that Democrats are knee-jerk tax and spend liberals who can't balance budgets and are irresponsible with money. But, as Howard Dean is fond of pointing out, if you want a balanced budget, you have to vote for a Democratic president and can't trust the Republicans. It was also the 93-94 congressional Democrats who voted on a party line for the Clinton fiscal policies--many of which lost their jobs on this principle. No one who pays attention can say, with a straight face, that Republicans are better at handling the bills than Democrats. Furthermore, when Clinton did raise taxes, the country saw one of the longest periods of economic growth in history, extending to even the lowest on the income ladder.

What the Clinton years demonstrated--or at least I thought until I saw Westly's grotesque ads--was that Democrats really are the party of fiscal stewerdship and economic prosperity for all. Westly's moronic and irresponsible ads further perpetuate a false GOP talking point in order to buy some expensive political points. He and his campaign should be embarrassed by these ads. I take personal offense to his claim to be a "different kind of governor" in these ads. I'm a Democrat, in part, because of their government responsibility. Westly is undermining this fact every time his stupid ad is comes on.


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