Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Debate Fact Checking: Point(s) to Angelides

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the debate--I had, and continue, to work. CBS5 did some fact checking, though. Turns out, Phil is the more forthcoming. For instance, on having a way to fully fund education:
ANGELIDES CLAIM: He's the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to fully fund education.
WESTLY RESPONSE: Said he too has proposal that will fully fund education.
OUR CHECK: Sacramento Bee analysis concludes Westly approach lacks enough money, says Angelides approach may fully fund - but not likely to be adopted by Assembly. Source Material
On "smear artists":
WESTLY CLAIM: Washington Post has labeled Angelides a "champion smear artist."
ANGELIDES RESPONSE: No direct response.
OUR CHECK: Capitol Weekly article from last month references the Washington Post label, but also notes that the label was given out in 1994 -- over a decade ago. Source material
I don't think that Westly intentionally misrepresented facts. Rather, I just think that Angelides is slightly ahead in his grasp on the issues and his depth of understanding of the issues--and that's what I like most about Angelides.


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