Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tomorrow We'll Forget

I finally watched Hotel Rwanda a few days ago. As I finish my glass of subpar Shiraz and read Kevin's post on Darfur, I can't help but remember a certain scene from the movie. Don Cheadle's character tells the news cameraman that once people watch his video footage, they will act. But the cameramen tells him that they will watch and be moved, but then will go back to drinking their wine. It's sad but true.

It's unfortunate that Presidents worry about not having enough "political capital" to end genocide. Bush went on a massive PR campaign to drum up support for a war based on false and incomplete information. Too bad he couldn't have drummed up support to use force when it is imminently necessary.

If Democrats want to challenge the GOP foreign policy, they should use Darfur as an example of when to use force. Gen. Wes Clark showed how we could stop genocide in 1999 without a single U.S. fatality. Too bad he didn't get a chance to do something about this. (Disclaimer: I was a supporter of Wes Clark in '04.)


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