Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time For A Haircut

A rhetorical haircut that is:
Repeated protests make it harder and harder to ignore. However, the left must also be responsible, savvy, pragmatic, and know that they will be portrayed in the worst possible light...

...If the goal is convincing the public and the administration that war is an ineffective solution, that our foreign policy is shortsighted and inflammatory, (and so is our domestic policy) then concentrate on what's effective to get there. Tie dyes and getting stoned, Marx, and Revolution talk all has its place, but it's not effective as a central thrust or public persona. It's bad marketing and neither inviting nor appealing to the majority of America. And that's the real bottom line for the PEACE movement of the 21st century. Appeal to the real masses, not the theoretical"proletariat."

The right has learned to use modern tools, like the wheel. Or, less sarcastically, the media. The left, apparently, has not. We desperately need to if we are to achieve the world we envision.
I'm no stranger to protests (Note: Link will not be active for much longer with the website update and all.) However, I think the article above brings up important points. The same old protests were shown to be ineffective in the run up to the war. I think it's time for more creative and inclusive ways to go about protesting. Most of my friends would not go to a rally, but are more than willing to do other things. That is why I proposed to do something different.

A true shift in policy means reaching out to more than the "hard core". I was recently at a meeting where someone said that numbers don't matter, it's how loud we are that matters. Well, in elections numbers do matter. It's more than elections, though.

I'm going to wear black on Friday, not just because Bush is in town and I disagree with his policies. I'm wearing black because there are a lot of things that could be better. Take a look at the words in the song. Sure, Iraq is bad. Few disagree with that these days. But Bush's inaction in Darfur means more people are dying every day. Failure to agressively act to provide aid to Africa results in thousands of deaths every day from malnutrition and lack of relatively cheap vaccines. More and more Americans are in poverty and facing health difficulties due to rising medical costs. I'm wearing black for the troops who have given their lives; for the innocent Iraqi civilians who have died; for the persecuted in Darfur; for the children--and adults--in Africa and other third world countries; for the poor; etc. It's not about Bush for me. It's about the people.

During the middle of the day, not everyone has the luxury of taking time off to protest. Why not be more inclusive? That doesn't mean people shouldn't go to a rally if they choose. But that's been done before. Why not try something new? Something more people are willing to do?


At April 21, 2006 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i hear right that bush will be at hoover inst from 12p - 3p today (friday)?

At April 21, 2006 11:23 AM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

I don't think anyone knows the time specifically. I didn't even hear he would be speaking until this morning--I thought it was just a staging stop-off.


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