Monday, April 10, 2006

That damned liberal media

I came across this brief gem buried in a Washington Post article on Francine Busby, the lone Democrat running in the special election to replace the disgraced and convicted Randy "Duke Cunningham."
At the event, attended by 25 men and two women, mostly in business and 100 percent Republican, Busby detailed her résumé -- daughter of a sausage manufacturer, Italian studies major, Girl Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, travel agent and school board member -- and then took questions on abortion (she is pro-choice), immigration (she is for an amnesty program for illegal immigrants, but she does not call it that) and the inheritance tax (she is for a complete repeal). This is, after all, La Jolla, where the median house goes for $1.75 million. Busby was surprisingly well received even when she was asked why she did not identify herself as a Democrat in her ads.
The argument over what exactly is "amnesty" has constituted a war of semantics between Tancredo Republicans and everyone else in the immigration debate, but for the most part the media has played it down the line, briefly explaining each side and stating that there is disagreement over the term "amnesty."

But in this supposedly hard-news story, the WaPo clearly editorializes its opinion on "amnesty." Not that it really bothers me - a newspaper is entitled to determine what it believes amnesty is and is not. But let's not argue that the media is liberally biased in the face of editorializations like this one.


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