Thursday, April 27, 2006

Supporting The Troops, GOP Style

Or should I say, F* the troops, GOP style. Two recent examples of how the GOP is screwing the troops. The LA Times reports on a letter by Dems on the House Veterans Affairs Committee to check into shady dealings by former secretary of the VA.:
The Times reported Sunday that data compiled by a consulting firm in 1999 estimated that the cost of the QTC exams was as much as 400% higher than in-house exams. The consultants recommended that the VA do a follow-up study to get more precise cost data on the in-house costs. It was never conducted.
Not to be outdone, Bush proposes to give the troops the lowest pay increase in a long time:
With the Administration no longer required by law to plan for a larger military pay raise, President Bush for the first time has proposed identical across-the-board increases for military and federal civilians.

Michael B. Styles, president of the Federal Managers Association, called it “a bittersweet victory after years of fighting for pay parity.” Civilian workers were “finally able to garner support from the President to recognize the contributions of all federal managers and employees, but now we’re faced with the lowest pay raise in almost two decades.”

A 2.2 percent raise, added Styles, “doesn’t strike me as adequate recognition.”
If the GOP is going to use the troops and their well being as a political tool, then the least they can do is make damn sure they treat the troops right! I'm sure those few people who might have to pay an estate tax for inherited wealth need the money more than our troops.

Why the hell do the poor, middle class and the troops have to sacrifice more than the "hyper wealthy" to fight the war on terror?


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