Friday, April 07, 2006

"She Deserved it"

I'd like to depart for a moment from the normal political dialogue of this blog to call attention to a disturbing, though predictable, development in the Duke rape controversy.

The formula of attacking a victim of rape, thus implying that "she deserved it" or "can't be trusted" has already begun. Apparently, the alleged rape victim in this case had a prior run-in with the law. Anyone who thinks that sexism and racism are things of the past should take pause at this revelation. A poor, black woman is allegedly raped by wealthy, white college athletes, and the first line of the defense is that this woman is a criminal who can't be trusted.

Because, of course, having a prior criminal offense is a perfectly logical motive for subjecting yourself to the emotionally devestating process of going public with a rape allegation. Right?


At April 07, 2006 9:25 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

I believe your point is correct in this case. However, the nature of one's past offenses are important to a criminal investigation. For example, if one was found guilty of perjury many times, that person may lack credibility.

Nevertheless, in the Duke case, the athletes who raped her should be examined for past offences too. After all, many college athletes are far below the student body in terms of intelligence and character.

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