Friday, April 07, 2006

Pombo's vacation

Rep. Richard Pombo, the nemesis of every tree, river and animal in America, has a strange affinity for public parks, considering his long-standing war on the environment.

In fact, he likes parks so much, that he took the liberty of using taxpayer money to fund a vacation for his entire family to numerous natural parks across the country.

However, while Pombo defended it as "official business all the way," the evidence seems to suggest otherwise.
"But officials from at least two parks Pombo says he visited have no recollection of him making an appearance — Kennedy (Pombo's spokesman) said they are mistaken.

“I was working in the park then and can’t confirm that a meeting like that ever took place. I generally remember the congressmen that come here,” said Joe Zarki, a spokesman at Joshua Tree National Park.

“I don’t remember anything like this. I would’ve probably been involved, too,” Zarki said.

At Badlands National Park in South Dakota, an employee said Pombo made arrangements to visit but never showed up.

“We had it all set up for him to come, and he never showed up, and I mean we had gone to a lot of work,” said Pam Livermont, the secretary to Badlands’ superintendent.

“I distinctly remember working with them (Resources Committee staff) getting that all set up and then him not showing,” she said.
The chairman of the House Resources Committee, hard at work.


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