Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Generation

Bush's guest worker idea is something that I actually agree with him on. It's unfortunate that the has been so reticent in trying to get something through Congress. Especially since it's particularly popular among the general public:
Overall, 56 percent of Americans favor offering illegal immigrants a shot at some kind of legal status; roughly two-thirds of those ages 18-34 like the idea and an equal share of those with a college education agree, the AP-Ipsos survey found.
It's always exciting to see how compassionate and humane my generation is. It really does give me hope that racism, sexism and homophobia will be less prevelant in the future.

Most Democrats and a handful of Republicans have been a voice of humanity in this debate and its good to see that using this as a wedge issue to further divide the country might not work for Rove and the GOP. Now how about them Republicans in the House who voted for that repugnant bill...


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