Saturday, April 08, 2006

Making Hatred Mainstream

A couple weeks ago I said that I didn't want the immigration debate doesn't boil over into a racial struggle. Sadly, it looks like this is starting to happen.

James Wolcott discusses:
Which is a fancy way of saying that the rhetoric on cable news over the immigration controversy, never pretty, has taken a wide turn to the ugly over the last week. Yesterday, Fox News, playing catch-up on the issue CNN's Lou Dobbs has owned for the last few years, solicited the wise-owl perspective of G. Gordon Liddy...

...But it was clear from his appearance that he's aching for action against all these interlopers with their Mexican flags, saying that if they want to wave Mexican flags, let 'em go back to Mexico. It was clear from the tenor of his comments that he wants confrontation between protestors and protestors-protesting-the-protesters, because enough is enough, look where this coddling has gotten us, it's time for the country to stand up for itself...

But the real prize was Dr. Jack Wheeler, whose appearance on Neil Cavuto's was touted enthusiastically by Ms. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs (which in itself should set off a cathedral of warning bells), peddles a much slicker line of shit. First off, the "Dr." bit has all the hallmarks of someone trying to pad his loafers to gain sham stature. (Dr. James Dobson, anyone?) Wheeler was on to warn us about the prospect of a second civil war, which would be waged between native-born Americans and Mexican invaders. He argued on Neil Cavuto's Fox News show that Mexico, not Iran, was the greatest threat to American security.
(Crooks & Liars has the video of Wheeler.) Read the entire Wolcott piece--it's even more disturbing.

Where is our country headed? I hope our national leadership--political, religious, and others--acts now to isolate and disown the hatemongering before it grows. Personally, I think this is much more urgent than whether or not Bush is listening to me talk to my dad about his health. Fear and hatred pose a deeper threat to our society than constitutional nuances. Our generation is much more tolerant than generations past and I hope that we can combat the hatred and fear that others are trying to thrust upon us.


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