Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If At First You Don't Succeed...

try, try again. Unless of course you share Homer Simpson's philosophy that trying is the first step toward failure. But I digress...

I had to dig up an old paper for work and came across an article in the same issue of Nature on Evolution/Darwinism (from 1981). It made a reference to the old California court case Segraves v California Board of Education. Basically, this was an attempt over 25 years ago to do what Pennsylvania tried to do and other places like Kansas are doing. Back then, scientists came out to publicize the science behind evolution. Since some may not have access to the journal links above, I cut out one of the more important pieces:
Today, similar people are trying to promote their agenda through similar means. I'm all for giving people that chance to push their agenda, but the "theory" of evolution is based on some pretty extensive testing that they tend to overlook. There is evidence supporting evolution surfacing all the time. As the article points out, it really is quite astonishing.

I tend to put a large part of the blame for the misunderstanding of evolution on scientists, myself included. Often scientists have a hard time condensing over a centuries worth of data and testing into short, concise and understandable language. That's our fault. But politicians shouldn't use this to stir up resentments and hostility toward science and education. Evolutionary concepts are a necessary part of current biomedical science. Understanding of these concepts will be needed if we are to remain competitive in biological research and development.

Update: I forgot about this wonderful description about human evolution "from" apes. Actually, we didn't really evolve from apes. Read the article to find out more.


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