Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Election Day

It's election day in the California 50th. Vying to replace disgraced Republican Randy "Duke" Cunningham are 18 candidates, including Democrat Francine Busby, the frontrunner. She has to get over 50% to avoid a runoff election in June, and in a conservative Southern California district that's no easy task. But polls show her running at about 40%, and depending on turnout, she could end up with a majority.
Political scientists predict a light turnout because the congressional race is the only issue on the ballot. That means a small number of votes could make the difference between going to Congress and staying home.

-San Diego Union-Tribune
In a conservative Republican district, light turnout is good news for Democrats. Only the intense will vote, and there are a lot of Democrats who see a great opportunity to pick up a seat in the heart of Republican country.

We could be one seat closer to taking back the House by the end of the day.


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