Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't Take My Word

Personally, I'd like a candidate who runs on much more than "electability". While I believe we need to win elections to get things done, the special election of '05 demonstrated that Shwarzenegger's agenda is rejected by the people of California. It's not a stretch to think that the Democratic message will prevail against Schwarzenegger's "me first" strict libertarian philosophy. Californians are a caring people who like bold and innovative leaders.

I've already mentioned bold, innovative and effective initiatives that Phil Angelides has implemented as State Treasurer. But I'm not the only one who thinks Phil is a strong, principled and proven leader. Just ask the numerous state leaders who have endorsed him already: Barbara Boxer (who recieved the most votes in CA last time), Diane Feinstein (one of CA's most popular political leaders), Nancy Pelosi (the fiery future House Speaker), the well respected Fabian Nunez (speaker of the Assembly). But Phil appeals to more than politicians.

During the special election, the Alliance for a Better California, a group of labor organizations, was instrumental in the defeat and rejection of Schwarzenegger's bad policies. Several of these organizations have already endorsed Phil. The demonstrated leadership I've mentioned above are reasons why the hard working Californians and political leaders have endorsed Phil.

But don't take my word for it. I think the recent endorsement letter of California's education community (including George Miller, ranking member of US House Education and Workforce Committee) sums it up nicely (my emphasis):
Phil has a proven track record as a courageous and thoughtful advocate for schools, teachers and students. He was the first statewide elected official in 2002 to call for a $25 billion school bond package. In 2003, he was alone among statewide elected officials to criticize the deep cuts proposed in education, becoming, the Sacramento Bee wrote, “the first statewide officer to question the prevailing assumption that California’s budget crisis means the schools must suffer.” When Governor Schwarzenegger tried to turn away 25,000 students who had done all the work and made all the grades from UC and CSU, Phil stood up for the students while others stood with the Governor. He launched a tax-advantaged savings plan that is now helping over 140,000 California families save for college. He created a new program that has provided down-payment assistance and low-interest loans to help over 1,200 teachers, school employees, and administrators who commit to working in a low-performing school buy their first home. Phil made education the subject of his first major campaign proposal this year, “College Opportunity for All,” which sets sweeping goals to help more young Californians, not fewer, get the higher education they need.

Phil has the vision, courage, and experience to lead our state. Please join us and hundreds of California elected officials, as well as labor, environmental, business, and civic leaders from across the state, in endorsing Phil Angelides’ candidacy. California’s children, parents and educators deserve a Governor who will advance the values of fairness, opportunity, and education for all Californians; Phil embodies these beliefs and will uphold California as a land of limitless possibilities and big dreams.


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