Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another Protest

If you hadn't noticed by now, I've grown tired of ye ol' protest methods. There are many ways to send signals, garner media attention and get people talking. Two ways to send a message: Buy the Dixie Chicks new album and/or buy Pink's new album.

I've already talked about the Dixie Chicks before and even mentioned Pink. You can listen to the Chicks' new song and watch their video at their website. You can see Pink sing her song, "Dear Mr. President", over at C&L. I've always liked the Chicks' music and Pink's voice (even if I wasn't always fond of her radio play songs). Natalie Maines has a great country voice and you just gotta love a group that uses the banjo. Their latest, is interesting and different--much darker than I'm accustomed to. Unfortunately, Pink's bluesy voice is on display more in some of her less popular songs, but it's highlighted in "Dear Mr. President".

But I digress. Many stations have taken the Chicks' new song off their playlists and if they can sell a lot of records you can bet the media will make note. Any mention of Pink success will no doubt have to talk about "Dear Mr. President". Buying their albums is a great way to protest without having to do much.


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