Friday, March 31, 2006

Wilson and Pearce: Ethics Schmethics

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Pelosi introduced HR 746 on the floor:
Resolved, That the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct shall immediately initiate an investigation of the misconduct by Members of Congress and their staff implicated in the scandals associated with Mr. Jack Abramoff's criminal activity.
Immediately, Rep. Bishop from Utah moved to table the bill and the bill was shelved on a party line vote. How did Reps. Heather Wilson (R, NM-1) and Steve Pearce (R, NM-2) vote? Not surprisingly, they voted with Tom DeLay to abandon the bill. Apparently, after Abramoff was sentenced for 70 months, Republicans don't think his role in influencing Congress is worth investigating.

Find out how your Congressperson voted here.


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