Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meet the Press

President Bush had his second official press conference of the year today, and his answers made me wish he had just decided to skip it altogether.

When asked if there would ever come a day when no American forces would be in Iraq, Bush responded thusly:
That, of course, is an objective. And that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq
In other words, don't count on it. This is exactly the kind of question that should have been investigated more thoroughly before the war started. Had the American people believed that troops would be in Iraq indefinitely, they never would have approved of the war. I still find myself wondering how the administration got by with breezing over how complex the aftermath of the war would be, and how both the press and the American people became so deluded with fantasis of liberation and weapons of mass destruction that such questions were never satisfactorily asked and answered.

Of course, the arrogance of Bush's response, that "of course that is an objective," is outrageous. But by now I've come to expect that.


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