Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Katherine Harris is Just Weird

About a week ago, when Katherine Harris was considering whether to abandon her pathetic campaign for Senate in Florida, she said that she would
"continue to look to our founding fathers, who pursued their vision with integrity and perseverance, to discern the best course of action for the state of Florida and our nation."
At the time, I thought that statement was a tad melodramatic. A wealthy, country club Republican running for Senate in Florida is hardly analogous to the Revolutionary War and the drafting of the Constitution. Nevertheless, I brushed it off as perhaps the line of some low-level press aide who had written the press release.

Then, it happened again. After deciding that she would stay in the senate race and dedicate her entire $10 million fortune to the effort, she said the following
"I am willing to take this widow's mite, this pearl of great price, and put everything on the line,"
At first I thought she might have been simply drunk when she said this. Then I found out it's from the Bible. The phrase "widow's mite" comes from a passage in the Book of Mark where Jesus commends a widow for donating her last amount of money, or her "widow's mite" to her temple's treasury. Similarly, the "pearl of great price" comes from another statement by Jesus in which he compares living a good life in order to get into heaven to selling all your assets in order on a beautiful pearl (thus giving your all for the ultimate cause).

So Katherine Harris imagines that spending $10 million to try and buy a Senate seat is similar to a poor widow donating all her money to the temple, and believes getting elected to the Senate is analogous to going to heaven.

I think the Botox has seaped into her brain.


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