Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jack gave people water

As you may have heard, Jack Abramoff has been asking his friends and associates to send letters to the judge in his case in order to portray him in a sympathetic light. The AP has an article describing some of these letters, which seem either hilarious or pathetic depending on how you read them. Here are some of the gems:
"Jack was the kind of person who would offer his guest a glass of water if a server wasn't around to do so," friend Monty Warner wrote, noting Abramoff always picked up the check as he counseled friends on financial, marital or career problems.
...and later...
No anecdote seemed too small to mention. Dr. Gene Colice told the judge about the time Abramoff tried to "find a lost hamster on a Friday night." And Attorney Laurence Latourette called his racquetball playing partner as someone who "always acts honorably, and will call himself on infractions."
So...Jack Abramoff gives people water, looks for hamsters, and calls himself on his racquetball fouls. I say let him walk.


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