Sunday, March 19, 2006


A reccent Pew Poll shows that the one word more Americans use to describe Bush tha any other is now "incompetent." This is the first time in the three years that Pew has asked this question that the answer has not been "honest."

One may by tempted to think this is just a result of the constant barrage of (justified) Democratic criticism of the president, with "incomptency" being a central theme. However, as my personalized Google homepage revealed today, there is in fact every reason for Americans to reach this conclusion independentl. The first two headlines that poppsed up in my "Top News" window symbolized the incredibly disconnect that this administration has with reality.

First, I was presented with a Reuters article with the headline "Cheney says Iraq not in civil war." The very next article was from USA Today and was titled, quite appropriately, "Iraq PM: We are in Civil war." One must wonder who has the more accurate view of the situation, the Washington-bound Vice President, or the Prime Minister of Iraq.

As humorous (and depressing) as this example might be, it is symptomatic of this administration's refusal to acknowledge any realities that conflict with their fantasy that every policy or action they take is destined to succeed. When Bush says "no one anticipated the levees breaking" or, more famously, not being able to recount a single mistake he made in his first term, it is a sign of his complete and total belief in the infallibility of his actions as President. And while for years many Americans say this confidence as being a sign of a "strong leader" or "honest," they are now seeing it for what it really is: incompetence.


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