Monday, March 20, 2006

Corruption and Cronyism

Eric is right to point out the Bush Administration's incompetence. There are many examples of incompetence: Fiscal recklessness, Katrina, Iraq reconstruction, Iraq intelligence, etc. But part of the incompetence is due to the corruption and cronyism that runs rampant in GOP law making these days. Fiscally, the GOP is serving their donors and Jack Abramoff; Katrina and reconstruction had Michael Brown and Karl Rove leading the effort; Iraq reconstruction had the likes of Custer Battle. The list goes on.

Sadly, corruption seems to cross the Atlantic, as this headline, from the Guardian sums up: Blair created this mess. He cannot clear it up. At least the press there calls it what it is, sleaze:
The government is to make it compulsory for all political parties to disclose any loans they receive, the lord chancellor, Lord Falconer, said today as Labour came under increasing pressure to counter claims of sleaze.
Let's see if the UK can clean house better than the GOP controlled Congress. For their sake, I hope so.

Speaking of cleaning House (pun intended), what is Mr. Clean Government, John McCain, doing? Hiring a DeLay money man. Paul Kiel at TPM Muckraker:
So what gives? Sen. McCain, Mr. Campaign Finance Reform, has just hired a man who (allegedly) played a key role in breaking a campaign finance law to advise him on how to spend his PAC's money. Anything to win in '08?
Guess straight talking has it's limits.


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