Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Close to Home

In an effort to better inform myself (and others) of my home state, New Mexico, I'll be posting a little on the Congressional races going on in '06 as well as some pertinent info on the state. There are four races this year: three House races and one Senate campaign.

Everyone is likely to hear about the First congressional district race featuring Democrat Patricia Madrid. The GOP incumbent, Heather Wilson, is a rubber-stamp Republican who's district voted easily for Kerry. This is a highly targeted race. Last time, the GOP Congressional campaign committee came in and spent heavily toward the end of the campaign and helped Wilson pull off another unlikely victory. (As a disclaimer, in '04 I canvassed well over 1,000 addresses and made a lot of phone calls for this race.)

You probably won't hear much about the New Mexico race that is nearest and dearest to my heart: the Second Congressional District (which includes my hometown, Las Cruces). The Democrat, Albert Kissling is running against the GOP incumbent, Steve Pearce, who won 60%+ of the vote in '04. The DCCC points out that Pearce voted with Tom DeLay 95% of the time. One has to wonder what people back home think about this. Much more on this race later.

The other two races are for NM-3 and a Senate seat. In NM-3, Democratic Rep. Tom Udall is unlikely to face a serious challenge. Similarly, Democratic incumbent, Sen. Jeff Bingaman is expected to win easily.


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