Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Resolution

Well, at least one of them is to elect a Democratic Senate. As Bob Geiger points out, the GOP has pretty much made Democrats irrelevant in the Senate, despite the fact that Democratic Senators have received more votes than Republican Senators:
you're looking at a total of 160 amendments sponsored by Senate Democrats and an astounding 84 percent of those shot down by the Republicans. And this only takes into account those measures that were even allowed to make it to the floor for a vote. (My emphasis)
Read on for a list of some of the legislation that the GOP blocked.

I'll say it: MoveOn.org is pretty stupid to try to put money into a Lieberman opponent in the Democratic primary. It's their perogative, but money is spent so much better trying to recapture one of the chambers of Congress. I emphasized the last sentence of the above quote because GOP control of all congressional committees has not only made life miserable for most Democrats, but has essentially put an end to all executive and congressional oversight and put an end to any spirit of bipartisanship. Even if someone like Lieberman doesn't represent MoveOn's constituency, they are still served better by a House or Senate controlled by Democrats, even if several are "conservative". Committees will be chaired by Democrats and that will make a huge difference as far as oversight and investigations, not to mention a little hope for the increasing number of children in poverty!

Besides, I think a little internal disagreement is good within any political party. Homogeneous thinking has led to some of the big problems are country faces thanks to GOP and their "party discipline".


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